Year: 2015

The Magnificent Humpback Whale

I invite you to see my favourite whale. Cast your mind’s eye to join me whale-watching in Australia. We come upon a humpback. For me, it is my first. Under instruction from the tour operator we wave in unison to this wild animal. I’m ashamed to

How Can They Get the Brain so Wrong?

It is said that the darkest hour is just before dawn As results begin to suggest the very highest placement for sperm whales cognition, some researchers have stretched interpretation of the current data to retain the status quo. One recent example has been

The Importance of Baleen Whales to the Marine Ecosystem

Sperm whales massively increase ocean productivity. No other nonhuman animal has anything like their positive impact, but that doesn’t mean that others don’t have an important role. Of particular interest are their baleen cousins. Taken to the extreme edge of what our current data will

Lingua Cosmica

The central theme of this website is that sperm whales display many traits otherwise only associated with human intelligence. One of these is their level of vocal complexity. It is surprisingly easy to check if the patterns of these vocalisations are

The 10 Most intelligent Animals: Part 2

6 Orangutans 9b. Great use of planning and foresight. This, combined with high ability to be trained, allows much of what they have been taught to be passed on to their next generation. Are currently the focus of much attention. 7

The 10 Most intelligent Animals: Part 1

A very common internet query is as to a list of the most intelligent animals. One might expect that this should have an easy answer, given that so much psychometric work has been performed on so many groups, much of it being of very similar

Time for Beer and Speculation

The hypothesis of this website is of two parts. Sperm whales are the only other animal on Earth that display signs of having the same type of intelligence as humans. Sperm whale coda have not yet been subjected to the available tests that

A Clue to Bottlenose Domestication?

This image was sketched and coloured by Archibald Thorburn. He was famous for painting pictures of animals in true-to-life situations, and almost all his works were for scientific publications. Why then, did he place a sperm whale beside bottlenose dolphin? For

The Sperm Whale Who Studied Us

For nine days, from 31 March to 8 April 2013 a subadult sperm whale decided to come close in shore off the Scottish town of Oban. In fact, so close that he gained a habit of watching tourists eat breakfast

The Mismeasure of Man

  The Cleverness of Mankind The standard procedure of those who argue that humans are the most intelligent animal, and who believe the reason so simple it could be written on the back of a postage stamp goes as follows… Man is the only