Month: August 2015

The Grind and the Morality of Whaling

Most people profess to love archaic tradition, and this is embedded in the idea of native rights. Most people entertain the idea that intelligent wild animals left to their own devices frolic joyfully in the wilderness, and that this is a wonderful place

Another Look at the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

I am sure most of you are familiar with the aquatic origin of man hypothesis. On the one hand, there is so much evidence for it that it has been hypothesised by serious scientists at least three times independently. On the

Are Cetaceans Societies Shaped by Higher Morals Than Human/Primate Ones?

Cetacean and primate societies are structured quite differently. A positive trait associated across all cetaceans groups is their extreme communal spirit, that exceeds anything seen in primates. Rather than abandon a sick or injured companion, fellow pod members tend to expend

Intelligence Beyond Mammals

All mammals have remarkably similar genomes and brain architecture, but what if we look beyond our own animal class? The only other group of vertebrates that is renown for its intelligence is the birds. Recent attention has been particularly drawn to parrots and corvoids