Month: November 2016

The Intelligence of Pigs and its Relevance to Whales

A surprising discovery from molecular biology, was that the cetacean order (whales and dolphins) turns out to be embedded in the artiodactyla order (even-toed ungulates). Because of that, many now use the combined new order of Cetiartiodactyla = Artiodactyla + Cetacea. It means that pigs are

Novel Ways to Measure Animal Intelligence

Yawn Duration To date, the highest correlation with animal intelligence yet proven by data, is that of absolute brain size. Unfortunately, we also know that brain allometry differs substantially  by group among both mammals and bird. As an example of the

The Perils of Underrating or Overrating Animal Intelligence

A prime objective of this website, is to find ways to measure animal intelligence in the most objective ways available to us. That is why I am against the modern trend to say ‘a lions is a genius at being a lion’. If that were

Human Pattern Migration Detected in Sperm Whales

Every single female, or immature male, sperm whale belongs to a distinct culture that can be uniquely identified. Each of these cultures has around ten thousand members. I have previously written about the significance of finding so little variation in behaviour or