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2018 Update on Earth’s Smartest Animal Genera

As time goes by we become ever better acquainted with the abilities of the other animals with which we share the Earth. For many of the smartest, we already have enough data to place them with greater reliability than usually acknowledged. This

Matching Primate to Cetacean Intelligence via Comparing Humans with Killer Whales

There exist multiple meta-analyses and studies that have found, or that allow us to find, comparative primate intelligence by species or genus. The results of such studies tend to be expressed z scores, under the assumption that its distribution over

Finding a Relationship between Whale Sociability and Intelligence

This post should be thought of as a followup to a previous post where I examined the data in a recently published meta-analysis of cetacean studies, to see if species/genus specific cognitive data could be extracted from it. They showed a

Humans and Chimps: To Measure the Gap

Long ago, and before my interest in animal intelligence, I proposed ending every post I made with the phrase ‘death to the paradigm approach to science’. My friends soon talked me out of it, since most equate such a challenge

Forming a Scale for Cetacean Intelligence

Nonhuman primates were the only group for which we had comprehensive cognitive data. From their study came two surprising findings that feature heavily on this website. The first of these is that, across multiple cognitive fields, a single factor can

Breakthrough Research on Cetacean Intelligence

This month, a paper was published in Nature Ecology & Evolution that was of immense importance to this website. In this post I will only comment on the paper itself, but I expect its data and supplementary files to be

Recent Findings on Octopuses, Dinosaurs, and Galactic Empires

Paths to the rise of intelligence are of general interest to us. The paucity of direct testing on cetaceans makes the topic of peculiar interest to this website. How Clever are Octopuses? It’s more difficult to gauge the intelligence of

The Genetics of Whale Brain Expansion: Amended Post

What a Mess A paper that purports to show that more social cetaceans are smarter actually proves the opposite, and my first analysis of it contained two important errors. My first mistake was due to difficulties with reading files on

Does Eating Fruit Lead Brain Evolution?

There has been a dearth of important academic papers directly pertaining to cetacean intelligence over these past few months. Today I post my much delayed analysis of a significant paper on primate intelligence. It was published in Nature Ecology &

Neanderthal Intelligence and the Sperm Whale Brain

One of the few things we know about the internal organisation of the sperm whale brain is its cerebellar quotient (CQ). That information would be insignificant did it not place this species brain in two unique categories. Every other cetacean, including the