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New Culture Identified in the Caribbean

The article HERE writes about the finding that the Caribbean sperm whale population is composed of at least two separate cultures. This can be added to the list of, at least, four separate cultures known in the South Pacific, and the

Can Bottlenose Dolphins Speak?

Bottlenose dolphins are renown for their intelligence, with an average brain size slightly larger than a human. It should come as no surprise that they are a favourite subject in animal intelligence research. It is quite possible that more cognitive tests

Lingua Cosmica

The central theme of this website is that sperm whales display many traits otherwise only associated with human intelligence. One of these is their level of vocal complexity. It is surprisingly easy to check if the patterns of these vocalisations are

Time for Beer and Speculation

The hypothesis of this website is of two parts. Sperm whales are the only other animal on Earth that display signs of having the same type of intelligence as humans. Sperm whale coda have not yet been subjected to the available tests that

One Step Closer to Proving Sperm Whales Use Real languages

Yesterday, new evidence on the nature of sperm whale social vocalisations (their coda) was published in Nature Communications. It showed that neither genetics, nor learning from the mother, nor learning from others in the region, nor any combination of these

Speech and Breathing Control

There are many factors that facilitated the rise to sapience of the human race. One of them was our superb air flow control over our vocal chords. It is an ability in which we are unique among primates and was an important