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Legal Aspects of Personhood: a Closer Look at the African Elephant

Considering how much evidence that I present for the possibility that sperm whales are our peers, it might come as a surprise to learn that I have been against every attempt I’ve seen, to date, to extend the legal definition of

Battle for the Oceans

Nature, red in tooth and claw Alfred Lord Tennyson On land, we have a very good understanding of how the most intelligent nonhuman animals live. By contrast, our understanding of the same in the sea is very poor. Nature documentaries

The Magnificent Humpback Whale

I invite you to see my favourite whale. Cast your mind’s eye to join me whale-watching in Australia. We come upon a humpback. For me, it is my first. Under instruction from the tour operator we wave in unison to this wild animal. I’m ashamed to

Another Look at the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

I am sure most of you are familiar with the aquatic origin of man hypothesis. On the one hand, there is so much evidence for it that it has been hypothesised by serious scientists at least three times independently. On the

Are Cetaceans Societies Shaped by Higher Morals Than Human/Primate Ones?

Cetacean and primate societies are structured quite differently. A positive trait associated across all cetaceans groups is their extreme communal spirit, that exceeds anything seen in primates. Rather than abandon a sick or injured companion, fellow pod members tend to expend

Should We Keep Killer Whales in Captivity?

I am fascinated by killer whales. It feels more mystic than real that such a powerful and savage beast has such a high natural affinity for humans. It makes me wonder if this connection might mediated through a mutual high

What was the Tradegy of the Essex?

The Essex was a very interesting case. A whaling ship sunk by the agency of an ‘unprovoked’ sperm whale. My best guess is that it will be studied well into the future. This may become a morality tale of what

Defence Mechanism?

HERE is meant to be a story about a defence mechanism unique to sperm whales. My question is: how can any defence involve such a close approach to humans without injuring them? None of the divers seemed to report being

Resourceful Whales Stymie Thieving Fishermen

Recently I came across this news story entitled ‘Sperm whales target fishing boats for an easy meal’. SEE HERE For quite some time now, bands of human pirates have been depleting the ocean of its iron by catching deep sea