It is easy to get sidetracked, yet some coincidences are so interesting as to deserve a passing mention. Let us for a moment consider if this biblical story was not apocrypha and sperm whales were sapient. Opinion seems divided whether  anatomical reasoning only allows the whale of Jonah to be a sperm whale (if not the blue whale is the other, rather outside, possibility) but be mindful that the relevant passage can also be translated as ‘great fish’ so sharks are also possible.


With the above assumption, by Jewish custom we have sperm whales almost certainly delivering one of their most important prophets. You may assume the significance is less for Christianity -wrong!


Google to find the only man that Jesus compared himself to. That’s right it’s Jonah – except he didn’t do so in a way that would unambiguously distinguish Jonah from the whale if both were people! Furthermore, Jesus then went on to say that the wicked people of the world would only come to change their ways by a sign associated with Jonah. If the sperm whales have a true language then we will immediately have a sign and a prediction.


Often it is claimed that Mohammad believed all prophets of the book were equal – not quite. That was based on him saying that he should not be counted as superior to Jonah, and Jonah seemed like a biblical prophet picked at random. If Jonah had the blessings of both sapient species on Earth, that would change the whole meaning of his statement.